Internet Retches After Woman Hides Pregnancy Test Under Boyfriend’s Waffles – Newsweek

Internet Retches After Woman Hides Pregnancy Test Under Boyfriend’s Waffles – Newsweek

Weird and wonderful pregnancy announcements are nothing new in the world of social media.

However, one woman’s attempt to break the news to her boyfriend backfired spectacularly after she decided to hide the positive pregnancy test under his breakfast waffles.

It’s fair to say her other half didn’t appreciate her unconventional methods as her now-viral video chronicling the incident shows.

Posting the clip to TikTok under the handle of Oh_yeah_itsrobbie2, a woman named Robbie wrote a caption alongside the video explaining: “I’m really sad.”

Robbie’s boyfriend wasn’t too happy either -discovering midway through his food that a positive pregnancy test was lurking underneath his meal.

The video, which has been viewed 2.6 million times online already, can be watched here.

Things began innocently enough with the boyfriend puzzled at why he was struggling to cut through his waffles. “Why’s this s*** so f***ing hard?” he asks. Robbie laughs in response as her unimpressed boyfriend continues trying, in vain, to break up the waffles.

He eventually uncovers the pink pregnancy test underneath. His next words were probably were not the ones Robbie would have been hoping for.

“What the f*** is that?” he asks. Robbie laughs his question off, responding: “What’s it look like?” The boyfriend then replies with the million dollar question. “Why’s it in my food?” he asks.

She explains it’s a pregnancy test, but he remains confused. “Why’s it in my food?” he asks again. “What’s that mean, you’re pregnant?”

At this point, it’s clear things are not going to plan. Robbie is then heard explaining that she wanted to “surprise him” but her boyfriend is not happy and is quick to explain why. “Bro it’s p*** on there,” he replies, pointing to his plate.

Robbie rejects this notion though, telling him: “It’s not p***. It’s the drop kind.” The pair argue back and forth with Robbie telling him he “ruined the whole” surprise to which he fires back “you ruined my food.”

Though Robbie may have been upset at her boyfriend’s reaction, judging from the responses on TikTok, it would appear that most people agree her approach was at best misguided and at worse unhygienic.

“Girl in his food,” BreFranks commented. “You ruined the surprise by thinking that was a good idea.”

Dime Revae was similarly scathing, writing: “That’s unsanitary as hell,” while Muse Keaira said her boyfriend was “not wrong for being mad.”

Si’Aj’Kitchen put it in no uncertain terms, explaining: “Baby, that’s unsanitary. Period. I would be upset too and I’m a woman.”

Mark Thomas commented: “Hope you make better decisions when the baby comes, because a pregnancy test in food ain’t it!” Jasonntheoppa, meanwhile, added: “You do this with rings not pregnancy test!”

Commenting under the video, Robbie told followers she thought there wouldn’t be an issue as the test was dry now. “I really thought it was gonna go another way and all he cared about was food,” she added.

Newsweek has contacted Oh_yeah_itsrobbie2 for comment.

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