“Crisis” No More: Governor Hochul Pushes for Paid Maternity Leave in New York, 2024 Agenda.


New York Governor Kathy Hochul Introduces Nation-First Plan to Provide Paid Prenatal Care

New York Governor Kathy Hochul is continuing to make history as the first female “Mom Governor” in the state. During a “State of the State” speech at Wycoff Heights Medical Center in Brooklyn, she proposed a nation-first plan to provide paid leave for pregnant women to ensure regular prenatal care.

This plan is just one of many steps being taken by Hochul to tackle the maternal and infant mortality crisis in the Empire State. With her unique position as the first New York mom governor, she is pushing to ensure that parents and children throughout the state have access to essential healthcare options.

Eliminating Cost-Sharing and Streamlining Access to Services

The proposed legislation seeks to eliminate cost-sharing for all out of pocket maternal medical expenses and make it easier for expecting parents to access essential services. To this end, Hochul has proposed the introduction of a “standing order” which would allow New Yorkers access to doula services without the referral of a physician.

In addition, the state government will be training 988 suicide and crisis lifeline counselors to better equip them to deal with the challenges being experienced by pregnant individuals. Governor Hochul has also proposed introducing funding which will allow for the distribution of portable cribs for free to those in need.

Infant Mortality Crisis in New York

In New York, infant mortality has been increasing at a faster rate than the national average. Between 2021 and 2022, the state saw a 2% rise as opposed to a rise of 3% nationally.

Each week, roughly two infants die in unsafe sleeping settings, contributing to a total of 120 infant deaths per year.  In response to this situation, the proposed legislation will focus on reducing the need for unnecessary C-Sections, as well as improving mental health care services for expecting parents.


Governor Kathy Hochul’s proposed nation-first plan seeks to provide expecting parents with essential healthcare services and reduce the infant mortality crisis in New York. By eliminating cost-sharing for maternal medical care, providing access to doula services, and funding portable cribs, she is showing her commitment to supporting families throughout the state.